In Denial: Reading YA

Posted 24 February, 2012 by Amanda / 56 Comments

Sometimes I’m all like, “I don’t like that. Don’t be silly.”

And then I realize I do like that. And I sit there wondering: when and how did it happen?

Through my first six or so months of book blogging, I maintained that I don’t read YA. I’m not a YA reader. I’m just NOT. It is ALL teenage angst and blah blah blah. Did I mention I like my adult books? I don’t read YA!


I was in denial.

I don’t read YA.  

I read a lot of YA.

I’m not a fan of YA.  

Some of my highest rated books are YA.  The only two books I’ve rated 10 are YA.

I love YA.

What are YOU in denial about?

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56 Responses to “In Denial: Reading YA”

  1. Jac @ Forloveandbooks

    I have recently dealt with my YA denial. At least privately and on my blog… But I sometimes feel self conscious with my friends who all are into “more mature” reads (for lack of a better term!)

  2. I know the feeling. Used to say that all the time, I am so mature come on why would I read YA? Pfft.
    Boy was I wrong. I love YA, but as long as it’s paranormal or anything supernatural.
    I won’t even give the time of the day to a non-sup YA book. I guess I am in denial with bob-para YA!

  3. I would love to say YA but I am still not quite there (I will read 12 of them this year though)! I will say that I am in denial about Paranormal being something I can’t get enough of. In fact, I used to say that 90% of the books I read were paranormal and that I would never EVER tire of them. This year it looks like I hit my paranormal wall—-I think only 10% of the books I have read so far are paranormal. I don’t know if I needed a break or I was just ready for something different. I am finding that suspense/thrillers/mysteries are lately my cup of tea. Also I am finding my love for historicals again….*sigh*

  4. For the longest time I wasn’t a YA reader either! Sure.. I read it. But most of it’s tripe, right? Totally in denial. I’ve recently come to realise that sod it. I like YA as much as I like adult fiction, sometimes more, depending on my mood.

  5. I am an English major and in my first day of Literary Criticism class we all had to talk about our favorite genres. I was so disappointed that I was the only one would even admit that they read and enjoyed YA.

    In my opinion, YA authors have it hard. To capture a teens attention these days you HAVE to grab them in the first few pages. If you don’t, they’ll probably put the book down.

    I wish more readers and bloggers would give YA it’s due credit.

    Thank you for coming out. ;)

  6. Hahaha Nice of you to finally admit it!! But it would be fairly obvious to anyone who reads your blog! :)

    I’ll admit to liking an erotica read every now and then, which I will NOT review on the blog, lol. ;)

    • Yes. I know. I was going through my reviews one day and realized the overwhelming number of YA books, and I was just like, “Oh. Maybe I do like YA.” DUH.

      Nothing wrong with erotica, either.

  7. YEAH AMANDA!!!! Way to own up to your love of YA books:) I think it’s easy to think all of them are too full of angst and teenage drama and love triangles (which, granted, many are), but there are some wonderful stories out there too that have appeal no matter your age. I’m in denial over historical fiction or historical romance. For some reason I’ve convinced myself I don’t like historical novels, but two weeks ago I read pretty much every single historical romance Elizabeth Hoyt has written and loved every one of them. I seriously didn’t move the entire weekend and read 6 of her books. Win.

  8. Lately, my relationship with YA has been Love/Hate. I’ve been trying to stick with mostly contemporary YA because it usually avoids those tropes I’m sick of, cliffhangers, love triangles, insta-love. That stuff runs rampant in Supernatural YA, so, for my mental well being, I’ve decided that it’s best to just avoid it…most times. LOL

    • I think paranormal YA is starting to become over-saturated with books, so that it’s difficult to come up with something that is unique. I’ve just recently branched out into contemp YA, and while I still have some reservations, I’m content for now to take recommendations from bloggers that I know and trust.

  9. Ruby

    I wouldn’t say I’m in denial about it, but I don’t advertise that I read romance. Heck, sometimes I know my tagline is “anything with a smudge of romance,” but it took me a long time to be willing to admit that, with such a preference, I should probably read romance. And so I did and I do.

  10. Romance. I read it all. the. time. And yet I tell people that I read almost exclusively YA, sci-fi and fantasy. Who am I kidding?

  11. I think I’m in denial about my current review pile. I know it is huge and yet I keep accepting more and more self pub authors’ books for review. It is a problem and an addiction!

    I’m glad you gave YA a chance!

  12. I’m in denial about romance, definitely romance! I have mentioned so many times on my blog that I don’t read romance, yet many of my reviews are tagged with “romance”.

    I still believe that I don’t enjoy books that focus only or mainly on romance. But. There are exceptions, I can’t deny it anymore. One of my favorite books last year was “Anna and the French Kiss”. I guess I love romantics stories, but not what is labeled as traditional “romance”, maybe?

    Getting out of denial-land is confusing!