No! That’s Not What I Meant! [3]

Posted 20 January, 2012 by Amanda / 36 Comments

Back by popular demand!  Or not.  It doesn’t matter, really.  Now is the time for ridiculous Goodreads search suggestions!  We are going to kick off 2012 the right way — with WRONG suggestions.

The first one was sent to me by Missie.  Not long after I received it, I got the SAME RESULT with a different search term.  So basically, if you don’t have the correct search term, Goodreads thinks you should search…


Not only is HELLO the universal catch-all for no results, hounding and kindling are practically the same word.  They have so much in common, right?  And please, let’s be honest, who DOESN’T hound the moon?  It’s what all the cool kids are doing.  Screw that kindling stuff.

And why YES, I was searching for Howard Buten when I typed in Hard Bitten.  GOODREADS!  HOW DID YOU KNOW!?  Get out of my head.  I would have thought with all the differences between the two terms you would have never guessed.  Bravo, indeed.

You don’t need Deadly Cool when you’ve got DADDY Cool.

In bed with a highlander ONLY WITH A HIGHLANDER.  This one actually makes sense.  I mean, if I were in bed with a highlander, I’m pretty sure I’d want the highlander to be the only one in the bed with me.

It’s not blood and sweat any longer.  It’s blood and MISTLETOE.  You can bet on it.

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36 Responses to “No! That’s Not What I Meant! [3]”

  1. Haha I’ve never noticed this but I do tend to either barcode scan or select from the suggestions in the dropdown that appear as you type.

  2. *breathes again* Oh god, angry Amanda is funny. <3
    I'm sure I'd have a few for you. Goodreads.. *shakes head* you so silly.

    *walks off singing Daddy Cool*

  3. I always get hello—I have to wonder if that is the most popular book on goodreads *smile*

    I agree if I am going to be in bed with a highlander, I want it to be only with a highlander. No company allowed!

    WOW–Blood and Mistletoe now that has to be interesting! I went directly to a meet cute–did they try to kiss and instead she hit his nose and it started bleeding.

  4. I’ll add an addendum to sharing your bed ONLY with a Highlander…You could open yourself up to the possibility of multiple highlanders in your bed…Just saying…

    (forgive the pun, realized it was there as I typed but left it for your viewing pleasure, lol)

  5. Hahahaha Daddy Cool. Not even remotely the same book I would imagine. Yikes. I so adore Goodreads when it tries to be “helpful” with its suggestions. Keep these coming Amanda!

  6. This post made my day. I always get the weirdest things when I search on goodreads. The most common being Did you mean Hello? I have gotten some really random stuff though. Thanks for sharing this. I am still laughing.

  7. I’m starting to wonder if the whole “Did you mean..” thing is a paid advert…? Because clearly Goodreads found what the searcher was looking for – it’s the FIRST result! But I don’t get the HELLO one at all.

    And if you search “Book by Author” that ‘by’ gets me the HELLO result. How does Goodreads not understand the word ‘by’ in the search feature?

    • I’ve had the Goodreads “did you mean…?” thing actually be helpful. Though that is rare. Probably 1 out of every 50 times.

      Ha. Yeah, I ‘ve noticed that. I don’t understand why Book by Author always gets the “Hello” result.

  8. hahahaha, omg I thought it was just me! Goodreads has the most ridiculous search strands. Even if it pulls put the right books, I gotta wonder if they’ve got the folks from google running that strand just for laughs!