Review: Sleepers by Megg Jensen

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Sleepers by Megg Jensen
(The Swarm, #1)

Genre: YA
Format: ebook provided by the author
Read: 12/16/2011 — 12/17/2011
In Six Words: Wanted to like Sleepers, but couldn’t.

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An adoptee raised in a foreign land, sixteen-year-old Lianne was content with her life as handmaiden to the queen, until a spell cast on her at birth activated. Now she’s filled with uncontrollable rage and access to magic she thought had been bled from her people years ago. Even her years of secret training in elite hand-to-hand combat and meditation can’t calm the fires raging inside her. Her heart is torn between two boys, the one she’s always loved and the one who always ignored her. But when the kingdom threatens to tear itself apart due to rumors surrounding the queen’s alleged affair, who will Lianne protect and who will she destroy?
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Why I Started Reading This Book and Final Verdict

I have heard a lot of good things about Megg Jensen’s books.  So when she offered a copy of her book Sleepers to anyone willing to do a review, I snatched it up.  I had read and enjoyed Megg Jensen’s book Anathema previously, and hoped that Sleepers would be as good or better.  Unfortunately, Sleepers did not resonate with me.  I really wanted to like it, but there were a few aspects of the book that I was not a fan of.

My Thoughts

When I read books, I try to read from the perspective of a reader and not from an English teacher’s perspective, or even an editor’s perspective.  Sometimes I fail.  Sleepers was one of those books that I couldn’t stop my inner editor from coming out.  There were a lot of simple and compound sentence constructions (for those who are unfamiliar with the types of sentences, visit this site for an explanation), and I felt this often made the narration stilted.  The bulk of the story takes place through dialogue between characters or through Lianne’s thoughts.  For being such a great fighter, Lianne only fought twice that I can recall.

There were also a number of inconsistencies that bothered me.  Lianne originally states that she could not raise Trevin because she didn’t love him like a son, and then later says she does without an explanation for such a change.  She states that she loves Kellan unconditionally, and then easily throws it away for Bryden a few chapters later.  I’m not a fan of love triangles to begin with, and these actions annoyed me because they seemed so unnecessary.  I struggled to understand the character’s motivations and make a connection with them.  I occasionally had trouble with the way characters said things.  Example:

“He’s been disinherited,” I said.  “He’s not the king’s son.  The queen had an affair and he is the product of their love.”

I had a difficult time believing a 16 year old would say that, especially the “product of their love” part.  I also read the synopsis (above) at 43% and found that I knew very little beyond what is stated in the synopsis, which was frustrating for me.  Either the synopsis gives away too much, or the plot did not move along very quickly. The second half of the book was definitely better than the first, and the secrets behind Lianne’s heritage and people were intriguing enough to make me want to know more, though I am not sure at this point whether I will pick up the next book in the series.

There is far more at work in this world than Lianne or we, as readers, can ever guess.  I wish this would have been explored in greater depth in the book, as the ending sort of slammed into us with many things happening all at once with little time to process it all.  There were some twists and turns at the end in regards to certain characters, but they were so unexpected that it was almost unbelievable.  Well, I suspected something was up with a specific character, but what actually happened turned out to be much bigger than I suspected and rather than being thrilled or excited, I was a little flummoxed.

You Might Enjoy This Book If…

Judging by the reviews on Goodreads and Amazon, I seem to be in the minority about Sleepers, so you may enjoy enjoy this one, even if I didn’t.

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8 Responses to “Review: Sleepers by Megg Jensen”

  1. Thanks for the review. I was looking at her books this weekend because the short story The Initiate was free for Kindle. I read that and it made me curious about her other books. I did get Anathema, because that one seemed to resonate better with me after reading the samples of both Anathema and Sleepers. After reading your review I think I chose correctly. Thank you for your insight!

  2. Great review! I’m sorry that this one didn’t live up to what you were hoping you’d get…which was really anything better than this. :-P I haven’t personally heard a lot about this book but I do believe I’ll pass. There are too many other books and series that I really want to read, I don’t want to waste my time reading something I really might not enjoy.

  3. Wow! The synopsis sounded good and the cover is GORGEOUS! Love triangles tend to frustrate me too, because to me there is always a clear love interest/choice. I get frustrated that the main character doesn’t see this. haha Mulling over if I want to read this one or not. The little blurb you sampled of the way the character’s talk annoyed me to no end. lol I may have to pass on this one as well. Thanks for the review! :)

  4. Oooh I’m worried now. Had this sat on my Kindle shouting “READ ME DAMNIT” at me for too long now. I shall have to read Shirley’s review before I get started! I do also have Anathema as well, and Megg Jensen herself is, of course, lovely. :)

    Great review though. I always hate when you so want to like a book but it just isn’t for you. That’s my problem with my current read. The premise is interesting, the writing is decent i.e. I’m not getting bored reading, I’m just a little turned off by how slow going it feels and how utterly completely bizarre it is. But like you, looking at Goodreads I seem to be in the minority. >.< May shelf it for a few weeks and come back to it when I'm a little more up for pushing through. (my my that sounds dirty)