No, That’s Not What I Meant! [2]

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Here we go with round 2 of making fun of the search function on Goodreads.  If you want to play along, feel free to add your link in the comments section.  Fair warning: sarcasm ahead.

I’m sure that “the” is vital to any search since it’s such an uncommon word and doesn’t appear in very many titles.

Not to bring up this horrible cover again, but snooker?  That’s not any better.  (though apparently there are quite a few books with the word Snooker in the title, which seems a little odd to me, but then, I didn’t realize including “the” was important when searching so can you really trust me?)

Why, yes. When I typed “grave” I really meant “breath.”  Thanks for clearing that up for me, Goodreads.

You know? You’re right. Renfield is really easily confused with Overload. I can’t believe I made such a mistake. Those words are just too similar for me to remember the difference.  So.  Sorry.

Hatter M.  Oh.  Right.  My fingers slipped and I accidentally added an “S” at the beginning and an “E” at the end.  Silly me.  My fingers get away from me all the time.  But only at the beginning and/or the end of words.

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28 Responses to “No, That’s Not What I Meant! [2]”

  1. smittenskitten

    I love being in goodreads. I really do but sometimes it’s just WHUT! That is not I mean, GET ME OUT OF HERE!! And then I click that button just to see did, I mean Hatter M? hmmmm. lol

    • Sometimes I do click through on the suggestion just to see what comes up. And it’s rarely the book I’m actually looking for.

  2. LMAO! That’s funny! Thanks for sharing those with us. I’m glad I’m not the only one who finds the “Did you Mean” portion of goodreads a little on the dumb side! Sarcasm on a Thursday is a perfect start to my day. :-D

    • What really gets me about the “did you mean” section is that it is usually way off base AND clicking it leads away from the book I actually want. Because yes, that totally makes sense, Goodreads.

      Glad you enjoyed. :)

  3. Felicia

    Goodreads cracks me—I laugh every time when I type something and get the book I was looking for but it asks me if I meant something else. Nope, I meant what I typed. Yet if you are a letter off–you get nothing, nada, zip….not even a suggestion of something else :)

    • As long as Goodreads keeps giving me the book I am actually searching for (despite the did you mean… nonsense), I can put up with it. :)

  4. LOL:) Though I can’t find it funny when I actually want to find something and Goodreads wants to convince me that waht I really want to find is something else. Grr! Great post!

  5. Amber Hughes

    LOL! I love this! Thanks for sharing these. So, so true with their “Did you Mean” suggestions :-)

  6. I love the Goodreads search feature, it’s always good for a laugh. Sometimes you just have to sit back and go “what?” And I just have no idea how it got “overload” from “renfield”, that’s not even remotely close. I heart you Goodreads.

    • And you get the same overload/renfield suggestion every time. I don’t understand it, but at least it is good for a laugh.

  7. *snort* I’m just getting into the whole the GoodReads thing so I haven’t had a chance to notice how, um, wonderful the search feature is. ;-)

  8. Completely randomly, Hatter M is from the books The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor, which is a surreal take on Alice in Wonderland. Those books are seriously awesome and bizarre and Hatter M is the leader of the Royal Guard and his hat turns into a SPINNING RAZOR THING.

    Really, that had nothing to do with your post except I got all crazy excited when I saw his name pop up. So, you know, there you go.