Birthday Book Haul

Posted 25 July, 2011 by Amanda / 22 Comments

Alternatively titled: Why My Boyfriend is Incredibly Awesome

It was never my intention to post about what I got for my birthday, but Kyle did something pretty darn cool for me, and I want to share.

About a month or so ago, I discovered that Maggie Stiefvater and Tessa Gratton were coming to Minneapolis for a book signing.  I had read Blood Magic by Tessa at the very beginning of June, and loved it.  It was the first book I gave an A+ to on this blog.  And the part about the book signing that was the best?  It was on my birthday.  I’ve never been to a book signing before, so I decided to go.

Then I realized I had class an hour and a half away from Minneapolis until 3:40, and that a) I’d never made the 2pm signing and b) the 6pm signing would be incredibly difficult to make because I’d have to stop at home before continuing to Minneapolis.  And I can almost guarantee you that I would have been hungry and cranky, and not enjoyed myself.  So I made the decision not to go.  There will be other book signings.  I’ll survive.  I was bummed (and still am) that I missed out meeting Maggie, Tessa, and other Minnesota book bloggers.


Why, hello signed copy of Blood Magic!  So while I was stuck in my class talking about critical theory and keeping track of how many times my professor swore (7 times, in case you were wondering), my boyfriend was at the 2pm signing, buying me a hardcover copy of Blood Magic and standing awkwardly in line to get me a signature.  I know he was standing awkwardly because he told me he was about the only guy there, and that would have made him extremely uncomfortable.  And whenever he gets uncomfortable, he looks awkward.  He does this thing with his shoulders that I cannot explain properly.

But he went and got me a signed copy anyway.

I was so surprised that at first I could scarcely even believe he had gotten Blood Magic signed for me, and had to check to make sure.  Then I almost cried, but decided that would make him feel awkward, and he’d do that shoulder thing.  So I didn’t cry.

He also sent me two books on my Kindle:


My mother also found me a mystery book set in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in Wisconsin.  I’m super excited to read this one!

I think I’d call today a success.

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22 Responses to “Birthday Book Haul”

  1. Jennifer A

    Yay! He rocks. That is so sweet. :)

    I’m reading Angel Burn on my kindle right now! It’s better than I was expecting. I hope you like it too!

  2. First, any guy who’d give books as presents is a a sweetheart. But a guy who stands in line to get those books signed…for your birthday is a god! I’m so glad for you. Sorry you had to be in class though.

    • I think this is one of the first times he has bought me books…but in his defense, I just started keeping track of books I wanted. And honestly, I don’t know why people wouldn’t want to give books as gifts. They’re the best!

  3. Dude. That is completely awesome. He deserves an awesomesauce award. You better plan what you are doing for his birthday soon… :) Glad your birthday was so surprising. I love when that happens!

    • I second this motion. Not many guys would go to a book signing by themselves to get a book signed for their girlfriends. High five him on my behalf. Sounds to me like you had an amazing birthday. =)

    • lol. Not only does Kyle like the word awesome, but he also uses “Ksauce” as his online name. I should make him a special Kawesomesauce award. And YES, I must plan what I’m doing for his birthday since it is next week already.

  4. Diana (Book of Secrets)

    Aww! What a sweetheart!! Don’t let that one get away. ;-) I can just picture the “awkward” look as he was standing in line. My husband has mastered that look too. LOL. Enjoy your birthday goodies!

  5. hehe…

    Okay, most times I suck at this insixwords stuff, but that was wicked awesome of him. Standing in line at a book signing for the woman you love is just so freaking sweet, I could die. Enjoy hun!

    • Sometimes six words just aren’t enough. And yes, I totally put that into six words on purpose. lol. Thanks, Missie!

  6. Oh my God! That is the sweetest thing ever. What a great present! Also, I loved Angel Burn so I hope you like it.

    • I know, I was totally thrilled! (which was also why I posted about it, ha) I’ve heard good things about Angel Burn, so I’m excited to start it. :)