TGIF at GReads: Where are my books?

Posted 22 July, 2011 by Amanda / 28 Comments

Bookshelf Tour: Where do you keep your books at home?
Are they organized?

I don’t normally participate in these things, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share my bookshelves with you.  It was something I almost did when I first started my blog, but didn’t.  But now I am!  My books at home are split between two bookshelves: my textbooks/non-fiction/movies shelf and my fiction bookshelf.

Bookshelf #1:
There isn’t really an order to these, other than being separated by cubes:
1st row: textbooks
2nd row, 1st cube: foreign language books (fiction); 2nd row, 2nd cube: foreign language dictionaries and textbooks
3rd row, 1st cube: non-fiction books; 3rd row, 2nd cube: movies
On top of my bookshelf, I have my beer krug from Germany, a rooster set from my late grandma, and a German Bible (not pictured) that I inherited from my grandma when she died

Bookshelf #2:
Since I’m pretty new to book blogging, my shelves are still pretty bare.  I’ve ordered everything on the first two rows in alphabetical order.
The bottom row has hardcover books, and I’m not even sure they are in any particular order.  The bottom right corner features old religious books in German I inherited.

Nice and organized, right?  Well, because I have a Kindle, a lot of my books are on there (and actually, organized by author).
But, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m always organized and neat, because I’m not.  When it’s not in my purse or next to my bed, this is where I keep my Kindle:

My desk is NEVER clean.

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28 Responses to “TGIF at GReads: Where are my books?”

    • I’m here to make you feel better about yourself! Ha. I try cleaning my desk, and it gets messy in about a day. So I just don’t really try. Unless I’m supposed to be doing something else, and cleaning my desk is the only thing I have left to do to procrastinate.

  1. Ugh. I hate that my desk is always a mess. It’s where I dump everything, and I can’t work well in chaos! Constantly straightening it…On a happier note, I love your cube shelves. Way cool! And don’t worry, your shelves will fill fast!

    • I only get annoyed at my messy desk when I don’t have enough space to put more things down, lol. I am looking forward to the day when my bookshelves begin overflowing. :)

  2. You’re the second person who mentioned their e-reader. I totally forgot about my nook which is horrible because i love that thing.
    Looks like some great storage, and its ok my desk is never clean or organized either.

  3. Felicia

    Missie and Amanda are completely crazy #insixwords

    PS–My desk looks worse than that so the tornado has already come to TX and totally just settled at my house. Missie you are safe!

  4. I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the name of your blog and I wish my shelves were as organized as yours although I am glad to see that your desk is a mess, makes me feel less messy

  5. I’m really impressed. Buying a Kindle has not stopped my physical book-buying in the least. And the number of books on my Kindle is still small enough that I can keep them organized, though I do it by category. I love it that I can name the categories myself. It makes it easier to find books when I’m in the mood for Historical Gothic Romance or whatever.

    • You want to know what my secret is? I’m incredibly cheap. I have to force myself to spend money, so when I buy a book, I’m pretty damn sure I want it and I will read it.

  6. I find a clean desk highly suspicious. I love your shelving! I wish I had cubes. I think this was the best topic. I actually spent some time this weekend moving things and acquiring another case. TGIF for the win!

    • lol. I cleaned my desk yesterday, and it’s already getting messy again. My cubes are from Target and relatively inexpensive! :)