Kindle: Two Months Later and Still Nameless

Posted 15 July, 2011 by Amanda / 24 Comments

Well, okay.  My Kindle is not exactly nameless.  Its name is Amanda’s Kindle.  But as far as I’m concerned, that name is lame and it is just as bad — no, worse! — than being nameless.

Since I clearly am not capable of making this decision on my own, I need your help.

Here are the options and why I chose them:

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Inspired by Jen’s comment: “Welcome to what paper lovers call the dark side,” and our conversation on Twitter, a whole slough of bad puns revolving around Darth Vader have emerged.  Part of the reason why I would like to include these is that my dog, Curly, was diagnosed with a paralyzed larynx a year or so before his death which meant that occasionally he would sound like Darth Vader when he breathed.  This gives us the following names:

  • Darth Pupper — because sometimes I called Curly “puppers”
  • Darth Made ‘er Read
  • Darth Tater — more joke than anything, but I do love potatoes and make a mean tater tot hot dish
  • Darth Fader — because reading makes reality fade away

Another direction I took with possible Kindle names is toward the idea that reading is my drug/addiction.  Since that idea inspired my blog title, I figured it might be useful in naming my Kindle as well.  Here are a couple possibilities:

  • Paraphernalia — because all addicts have theirs, and reading is my drug
  • Krack — It’s like crack but with a K for Kindle
Okay, here is where I turn it over to you.  I was originally going to turn the possibilities into a poll, but I’d rather hear your thoughts and opinions.  Which Kindle name should I choose?  Do you have a better suggestion?  I’m all ears…er, eyes.

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24 Responses to “Kindle: Two Months Later and Still Nameless”

  1. Darth Made ‘er Read is my pick out of your list. ;)

    I chose one of my ultimate fav characters, Kisten from The Hollows series by Kim Harrison. Have you given any thought to using a fav character or location as a name, or even a made up word from a book you love?

    • That’s my favorite out of the Darth names. I also like “Krack.”

      Would it be weird if I said that I don’t really have a favorite character? I mean, I have a lot of characters (and books) that I like and love but none that I would name my Kindle after.

  2. LOL. I love Darth Tater. That makes me giggle. I think Krack is my fave.

    I’m not creative with names. I call my Nooks “Nookie 1” and “Nookie 2.” If we’re being formal, I address them as “Nookie the First” and “Nookie the Second.” Hee, hee.

    • Diana, I totally sat there for about 20 minutes going through the alphabet to see what sounded good. Bader? Eh. Gader. Haha. Hader? Noo. and so on.

      I like the names for your Nooks!

  3. Felicia

    Ok my stepmom would love Darth Tater (all her WOW characters are with tater—patadahead, friedtater, sweettater)

    What color is your cover?

  4. Krack is my favorite. But I’m not sure you Kindle would appreciate a name like that. If you have the black Kindle, you could go with Kole. Maybe?

    #insixwords: I am LAME at naming things.

    • Missie, I am pretty sure that my Kindle wouldn’t mind. I mean, its name right now is “Amanda’s Kindle.” Anything would be better than that. ;)

  5. I’ve got the same problem – what to name the Kindle. All of our computers at home have LOTR-inspired names, so I’m leaning toward something like that. But, I want it female and Eowin and Arwen have already been used. I’m not sure I want a Galadriel or if I’d prefer to make it male and have Legolas … choices choices. Anyway …

    I like Darth Made ‘er Read, too. Great one! LOL

    • I haven’t even given much thought to the gender of my Kindle. Though I usually decide gender based on how frustrated it makes me. Computers for example? Male. They freeze up on you and then you have to reboot them. And so on.

      Thanks Heather! :)

    • hahaha, Krackheads. I like that.

      I hope it made you laugh more than it made you sad. I’ve been learning that it’s better if I choose to find something to laugh about than be sad. And he really did sound like Darth Vader. :)

  6. I finally got a chance to check out this post! I was beside myself with anticipation when you told me about it the other day. Glad I was able to semi help you get the ball rolling on a name for your Kindle.

    I myself like Darth Fader and Darth Made ‘er Read.

    I’d give you other suggestions but, I don’t really name anything other than my car. Her name’s Betty White.

    • You helped me a lot! Thanks!

      I generally don’t name a lot of things either, except that the Kindle gives you the option to do so. And that means I must. Though I have also named my flash drive (Big Honker 2 — Big Honker 1 died a terrible death in Jan) and previous computers. I named my car, too, but I don’t use that name to refer to him.

      • Anytime! It was my pleasure.

        LMAO! Honker? Is it an abnormally big flash drive?

        Since your car is a him does that mean it gives you a lot of trouble?

        • Well, when I named my flash drive four years ago, 4GB was pretty large. I also had had a former supervisor who would call things a “honker” and it always made me giggle.

          Hmm. My car is actually quite well-behaved, but the muffler has issues. So it’s loud. Take that how you will.

  7. Krista

    I like Krack, as is “now where did I put my Krack *pats self down* or “did I leave my Krack at your house?”. I also like the though of Amazon being your “dealer.”