Kindle: One Month Later

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On the day I launched my blog, I wrote a To Kindle or Not post, listing a few of my pros and cons of getting a Kindle.  I was probably already half convinced to get one at that point, because a day later I went on and bought the latest generation Kindle, wi-fi, no 3G, and no ads!  It was the perfect way to celebrate the start of my book blog, and the successful completion of my Master’s thesis.  If I had been smarter, I would have held off until I completed my required thesis revisions, but really – where’s the fun in that?

Other than being completely distracted by reading on my Kindle, it has been worth every penny.  Which was surprising for me, because even though I wanted a Kindle, I wasn’t sure how much I would take to it.  I had previously downloaded the free Kindle app to my desktop (and netbook) and have read books there.  I read for a while on my mom’s Kindle.  Neither of these experiences compared to having my own Kindle.

I can just hear Tara telling me, “I told you so.”  Ha.  Ha.  Joke is on me.  Anyway, for those of you who are currently considering getting a Kindle, here is a list of my positives and negatives.  As you can see, there are more positives than negatives.  And none of the negatives are major.



It’s lightweight. Throwing it in my purse won’t weigh me down, and it’s easy to carry around in my hand.

Sometimes under an artificial lighting, there is a glare on the screen, usually corrected by changing my position.

I now NEVER lose my spot or forget what page I stopped on.

I’m clumsy with the “forward” button

I have instant access to all my ebooks. No need to lug around a stack of books in case I finish one while I’m out.

Short(er) battery life, but this is because I use it more than the “average” reader (according to, the battery will last for a month if you read for an hour/day with the wireless off).

Instant downloads of my books. Seriously. 5 seconds after I purchase a book, it’s ready to read. No waiting for it to ship, no waiting until I get home to start.

Still limited sharing abilities.

The Kindle is not distracting; that is, I get sucked into a book as easily as I would if I were to read a physical book. I forget I’m reading on a Kindle.

Being able to read while eating (so I don’t have to stop!) just became 10X easier.

There’s a built in dictionary, and I get the definition of any word I want.

I can easily highlight, share, and retrieve quotes or parts of the book that made me laugh or that are important in some way.

The e-ink screen is freaking amazing.

Still needs testing, but it may actually be easier to read a Kindle outside than a physical book.


In addition to my Kindle, I bought a cover – this one, to be exact.  While the light isn’t as amazing as it could be, it is more than functional, and I have used it plenty.  It’s nice having a cover, because I can toss it in my purse or backpack without worrying that it’s going to get scratched.

For those who have Kindles: am I missing any other positives/negatives?
For those who do not: any burning questions?

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13 Responses to “Kindle: One Month Later”

  1. Felicia

    I am about to go on my 3rd year of having kindle! I have gotten one for everyone in my family, we all share an account, so we all share books :) I am excited that Amazon is supposed to have a fix for downloading books from the library by the end of they year—that is awesome!

    I have used my kindle outside and in the pool (double ziplock baggy)–again mild glare if you are turned where the sun is hitting the screen directly but I equal that to a window. You will get a glare if the sun is hitting any reflective surface directly :)

    Love my kindle but before I got it, I would have told you I was a paper/glue gal (paperbooks) but now the only ones I keep of paperbooks are signed/sentimental ones :)

    • If Amazon does come out with that fix for downloading books from the library, I think a lot more people would be willing to get a Kindle.

      Funny how easily we are made into Kindle converts. It took me less than one book. :)

  2. I got my Kindle about the same time as you and what I love about it is that I can do things (like brush my teeth, put on makeup, fold clothes) while reading it. It’s awesome for when I am trying to get mindless things done around the house! smiles…

  3. I am all over your pros for the Kindle. I feel the exact same way. Isn’t e-ink freakin amazing? I was really flabbergasted when I got mine, and I continue to be. lol. I LOVE the dictionary, too. I always have the wifi turned off unless i need to DL something to save the battery life. Yay for the Kindle!

  4. Welcome to what paper lovers call the dark side. ;) I absolutely love the highlight feature. It’s made reviewing a million time easier.

  5. Yes, my pros and cons list would be the same as yours! I love my Kindle! I love being able to eat and even wash dishes while reading. I remember your ‘to Kindle or not’ post.

    I’m so glad you think it was worth the pretty penny, or rather pennies!

    • Me, too! And, I am so glad you posted on my to Kindle or not post, Missie – all that information really did help me! :)

  6. Ilya

    What will happen to your investment (device and more importantly books) if Amazon goes out of business? Are you nervous at all about tying your library to a specific company? I am thinking a more generic Sony reader would be a better way.