Mini Review: Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister

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Holy Smokes by Katie MacAlister (Aisling Grey, #4)
Genre: Urban Fantasy
Finished Reading: 5/11/2011
In six words: Please let there be more books!

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Book Order

1) You Slay Me
2) Fire Me Up
3) Light My Fire
4) Holy Smokes


Drake Vireo, the green dragon of Aisling’s dreams, is finally ready to make an honest woman of her-if she can ever get him to the altar. Being stood up cools Aisling’s jets, but not her passion, which is a good thing when Drake disappears and it’s up to Aisling to find him. At least her doggie demon Jim is always at her side. Just call him a Guardian’s best friend.
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Why I Read This Book and General Thoughts

Love this series!  I’ll just do a short review of this book and be as general and vague as possible.  There is a lot going on in this book.  Not so much that you cannot keep track of it all, but just enough to forget about some situations before they rear their ugly head (although this could certainly be the intention).  I liked this book (especially the appearance of Aisling’s family!) but there was something lacking that the other books had.  I wish this weren’t the last book of the series right now.  There is so much left to know!

Favorite Quote

“Your eyes are so gorgeous, I could just suck them right out of your head.” -Aisling to Drake

You Might Enjoy This Book If…

This is like a paranormal Stephanie Plum.  It’s quirky and a lot of fun.


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