Bibliobanter: 5 Things I Like About Reading

Posted 13 May, 2011 by Amanda / 9 Comments

I wrote this list back in 2009.  It’s still pretty accurate.  What are 5 things YOU like about reading?

1. I can learn new things

2. I enjoy getting caught up in a life other than my own

3. It’s a good way to escape reality

4. It is a constant source of inspiration

5. That feeling I get after finishing a book – bereft, released, happysad, and heavy with a story I’ve taken on as my own

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9 Responses to “Bibliobanter: 5 Things I Like About Reading”

  1. 1. It’s a great excuse to keep you from cleaning your house
    2. It’s a better excuse to keep you from working out.
    3. It’s fuel for your imagination and food for your mind.
    4. It’s helps you expand your vocabulary and stuff.
    5. It’s awesome fun.

    Okay… my list lame. Too early in the morning for me. Yes, 8:30 is early for me. LOL

    Much agreed with your list.

  2. 1. I like learning new ways to open up a can of whoop a** on people when they’re irritating the hell out of me. (Please note: This all goes on in my own mind as I’m pretending to listen to them while my eyes are glassing over)
    2. I like discovering new worlds.
    3. I liked being sucked into a story so completely that I lose track of everything going on around me.
    4. I like riding the emotional rollercoaster a good story straps you into.
    5. I like discovering a new authors that put their own spin on some of my favorite genres.

    Fun question!

  3. 1) I like you, love to learn new things and there is always something new to learn in a book.
    2) I love to explore different cultures.
    3) Reading makes me a better writer.
    4) I love language… language that makes you laugh, cry, ache and feel happy. There is something special about words creating those kinds of emotions.
    5) Books make me feel smarter after watching TV, which makes me feel dumber.

    Only five? …. ok.

        • lol. I would probably call that “poor man’s TV” – that’s what Kyle has, and I give him a load of crap for it, mainly because I can. Though, I would agree. Without lots of channels, your viewing choices are severely limited.