Review: Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell

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Innocent as Sin by Elizabeth Lowell
(St. Kilda Consulting, #3)
Genre: Fiction, Romance
Borrowed from library
Finished reading: 5/9/2011
In six words:  Not the Elizabeth Lowell I remember.

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On what at first appears to be an ordinary day, everything changes for private banker Kayla Shaw when she barely escapes a brutal kidnapping attempt and finds herself accused of a shocking crime: the illegal laundering of hundreds of millions of dollars. Damned by lies and false “evidence,” she is trapped with no place to run.

After five agonizing years, landscape painter Rand McCree has finally been offered what he desires most: the name of his twin brother’s murderer. Hungry for vengeance, he accepts a job that will place him in the killer’s orbit . . . and tantalizingly close to Kayla Shaw. The cold-blooded international criminal responsible for Rand’s brother’s death has targeted Kayla as his next victim—and only Rand can stop him from killing again.

Suspicious of each other, needing each other, they are two against the world as the violence of the past erupts in the present. And now innocence alone will not be enough to keep Kayla Shaw alive. . . .
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Why I Read This Book and General Thoughts

Elizabeth Lowell is an author that used to be one of my favorites. Normally she writes books of the romantic persuasion, and while there was romance in this book, my library thought it best that this book be placed in the general fiction section (I’m pretty convinced there’s not much rhyme or reason to how these books are placed).  Anyway.  So there I was in the library, looking for some books to read, and because I couldn’t find anything that I had been looking for, I chose to search out some familiar authors.  Maybe it’s general annoyance because I’d rather be using my Kindle, but this just wasn’t as good as it could have been.

A More In-Depth Look

Despite what my library thinks, this book should probably be under the romance genre (it appears Amazon and Goodreads users agree).  That said, the romance was kind of bland.  I’ve read some really amazing romance novels by Elizabeth Lowell, but this definitely wasn’t one of them.  The romance between Kayla and Rand happened fast and without the gripping emotions usually found in Lowell’s writing.  There were opportunities to build on the characters (Rand’s twin brother’s death, his being a painter, Kayla’s travels, her parents’ deaths) that could have added depth to the romance but that were not capitalized upon.

In some ways, the bad guys of the story were just as compelling as the good guys (or perhaps even more so, since they seemed more believable).  I am not sure that this was the intention.  I also felt like the perspective shifted between characters so frequently that it was sometimes difficult to keep straight who was thinking what.  Some of the chapters were very short.  Not quite on the same level as James Patterson short chapters, but enough so that it was slightly bothersome, and I found myself setting the book down constantly at the end of chapters to check Twitter and Facebook and generally not read.

It should be noted that while this book is part of a series, it doesn’t seem necessary to read the books in order.

You Might Enjoy This Book If…

If you’re a Elizabeth Lowell fan you might like this book.  If you’ve never read any Elizabeth Lowell before, this may not be a good book to start on.  There are better ones out there.


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