Bibliobanter: Hey, Kindle! What’s your name?

Posted 10 May, 2011 by Amanda / 4 Comments

Is it just me, or is it really cool that you can name your Kindle?

I’m a big fan of naming things.  I’ve had computers named Sally and Pete (Pete had multiple desktops, so one was Pete and the other was RePete).  I’ve named my laptops (George).  My flash drive is called Big Honker.  Well, technically it is Big Honker 2 since the original died a very tragic death earlier this year.  Generally, I favor men’s names for technology because it is hard to live without technology, but occasionally it will piss you off something fierce for suddenly not being able to do something really simple (no offense, guys).

But right now my Kindle’s name is Amanda’s Kindle, and it cannot stay this way.  However, my dilemma is that I’m currently fresh out of ideas for names.  So while I ponder over possible names, I’m hoping you all will satisfy my curiosity.  Does your Kindle (or e-reader) have a name?  Please share!

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4 Responses to “Bibliobanter: Hey, Kindle! What’s your name?”

  1. I love naming things too! I’ve even named the tree I planted in my back yard.

    My first Kindle is: John Lucas aka Gringo

    My newest Kindle is: Gwen

    My laptop is: Mia


    Let us know which name you decide on.

    • No, I haven’t. My brain has been complete blank. I love the name Big Honker – one of my supervisors at my previous job would call things a “Honker” if they were big, and I found it hilarious, and named my flash drive after that, because at the time, a 4GB flash drive was huge.

      I’m willing to take suggestions for names, though. ;)