Review: Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell

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Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell (Kay Scarpetta, #2)
Genre: Mystery
Borrowed from library
Finished reading: 5/2/2011
In six words:  It didn’t quite click with me.


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Reclusive author Beryl Madison finds no safe haven from months of menacing phone calls — or the tormented feeling that her every move is being watched. When the writer is found slain in her own home, Kay Scarpetta pieces together the intricate forensic evidence — while unwittingly edging closer to a killer waiting in the shadows….

Why I Read This Book and General Thoughts

If you look at my reviews page, you’ll notice that I’ve been reading a lot of Karin Slaughter books (those that feature medical examiner Sara Linton).  The Kay Scarpetta series has been out far longer than the Grant County series, and given my love for Grant County and all things Temperance Brennan related (the books AND television show), I thought it was time to give Patricia Cornwell a shot.  Granted, I was only able to find the second book in the series at the library, but I just couldn’t quite get into the book.  I would probably consider reading at least one more book in this series to see if it was just the book vs. the series, but I wasn’t overly fond of this particular book.

A More In-Depth Look

I generally prefer books that are written in third person; this is written in first.  Sometimes books written in first person can overcome my preference for third person, but this wasn’t one of those books.  I am not really sure of the reason, but I was unable to fully connect with Scarpetta.  It was as if she was holding back on her readers.  The plot just didn’t jump off the page and seem like it was completely plausible, which is funny, because I’ve accepted less plausible plots as perfectly reasonable.  I have found that often mysteries rely more a well-developed plot than character to keep the reader interested.  In the case the the plot is not gripping, a well-developed character can make up for this.  But neither plot nor character captured my attention.


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